Who Is Christy?

Hi! I’m Christy Chapman, author of The 6 Step Diet, lover of life, photography, travel, great food and keeping myself healthy. I live in Western Colorado with my husband Kenny, who is a personal development coach and speaker. We travel a ton for his business, which is always an adventure and has taken us some very cool places (which I will share with you, of course).

Healthy Living

My overall passion is healthy living, with a focus on eating foods that keep me healthy and thin, taste incredible, and don’t have a lot of crap (aka ingredients that no average person can pronounce) in them. I am constantly in search of ridiculously tasty foods, and I’m always trying unique things and developing interesting recipe combinations (which Kenny is usually happy to try). I love discovering nutrient-dense foods that are satisfying substitutes for the fatty, overprocessed foods that have created an epidemic in the U.S. There are so many incredible foods that aren’t mainstream but are just waiting for people to make some yummy meal with them! I eat organic foods whenever possible/relatively cost-effective, and stay away from red meat and poultry – basically because that’s what I’ve found makes me feel the best. I’ve got to tell you, I’ve never felt better or been happier!

Weight Loss

I haven’t always been thin. I knew I had an issue when I didn’t want to go shopping (and I LOVE shopping) because of the sizes I had to buy. I tried all these ‘miracle weight loss’ pills and systems that appeared trustworthy, but knew deep down that there had to be a better way, especially since nothing was working! Out of desperation, I took control into my own hands, found out what worked for me, and gave myself a ‘lifestyle makeover.’ Now I eat my Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food and NY style pizza with a smile on my face because I can regulate my weight naturally. I share the whole process in The 6 Step Diet, which is yours (totally free) on this site. I hope to be able to help others avoid some of the struggle that I had.

What Is Christy’s Dish?

I started Christy’s Dish because I have lots to share with you! I’ve done A LOT of research and I’m amazed by how much conflicting information exists about what really is healthy, and what truly helps people lose weight. I wanted a space where everyone can find honest information, answers to their questions and a refreshing approach to healthy living.  If you love to eat, enjoy trying new foods, and have a zest for healthy living, join me on my adventures….and share some of yours with me!


~To create a revolution where individuals are in control of their own health and weight, naturally.

~To make healthy living fun, understandable and accessible for everyone.

~To clear up common misconceptions about health and weight loss.


Life is all about balance, making smart choices, and ALWAYS having fun! Life is way too short not to eat the food you love, love the way you feel, and feel great about how you look!