Top 6 Flat Stomach Tips

1. Eat Yogurt. Seem simple? It is. The bacteria in yogurt is good for your digestive system, which means less bloating. I love plain organic Greek yogurt (I even use it as a substitute for sour cream) but the flavored stuff is good, too. Just watch out for yogurt with added sugars, which will NOT help to flatten your stomach.

2. Stay Hydrated. I know you’ve heard this before, but it is SO important. Water helps to get rid of excess salt and toxins (which cause bloating). I go by the rule of drinking at least ½ oz. of water for every pound that you weigh. Divide your weight in half and that’s how many ounces you should drink per day.

3.  Cut Back On: Salty foods, fried foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol and sugar.

4. Don’t Forget Your Fiber. Dark leafy greens, seeds, nuts, bran, quinoa and berries are a few examples of foods that contain a good amount of insoluble fiber. (For more on different types of fiber, check out my FREE e-book, The 6 Step Diet.) Fiber helps keep your digestive system running efficiently and getting rid of what you don’t need.

5. Un-Supersize Your Portions.  Your digestive system hates it when you shovel a bunch of food into your mouth at once. Its’ revenge? To make you feel fat and bloated while it works overtime to break down your feast.  Just pay attention to your body’s ‘full signals’ and eat sensible portions – your stomach will feel flat more consistently.

6.  Exercise! The real key to a flat stomach is overall fat loss. You can’t see your abs if they are covered by fat – it’s just impossible. Aerobic exercise paired with core-focused training is a great combo. This helps you lose fat while defining muscles in the right places. My personal strategy is a mix of pilates, cardio (the elliptical machine, hiking, biking, etc.) and occasional crunches.

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