Top 6 Ingredients for a Satisfying Salad

Perfect Salad Top 6 Ingredients for a Satisfying Salad

1. The base: a few cups of organic greens.

2. Add some color.  A rainbow of fresh fruits and veggies is THE BEST. Don’t be afraid of combining flavors, they usually blend together well (if it sounds like a good combo to you, do it.) I have been known to mix together whatever fruits and veggies are in my fridge. Hey, it’s a great way to use leftovers!

3. Pick your low-cal protein. Shrimp, wild salmon, seitan*, chopped veggie burger, flavored tofu…the possibilities are endless!

4. Make it Fiber-licious. Although fiber doesn’t sound so tasty, it is! Plus, it makes your salad stick with you longer.  Flaxseeds, slivered almonds, black beans and lentils are a few easy ways to add filling fiber to your salad.

5. Choose your fun factor. This is where you think outside of your normal salad fixings. Pick something at the store that you don’t eat very often or just sounds intriguing. Somehow, it just makes the idea of a salad so much more interesting. I love to add things like dried fruit, low-fat feta cheese, hearts of palm, “bacon” bits, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, toasted pine nuts, artichoke hearts, and all kinds of other things!

6. Dress it up! There are more low-calorie/light dressings on the market right now than ever before. Annie’s Naturals makes THE best (in my opinion) line of light salad dressings, with flavors like honey mustard, mango, and ginger vinaigrette.  Sometimes, keeping it simple with some balsamic vinegar and/or lemon juice is the way to go. Or, you could sprinkle a bit of hot sauce on the salad if you want some kick. (That inspiration is courtesy of my husband, who puts hot sauce on everything.)

REMINDER: Salads can become high-calorie nightmares if you’re not paying attention. The dressing can be a thousand calories in itself! Having a base of lower calorie, flavorful ingredients mixed with some protein and fiber to keep you full is the perfect combo.

*The salad shown in the photo is  mixture of organic greens, mushrooms, red bell pepper, cucumber, flaxseeds and orange seitan. I served it with mango vinaigrette.

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