Top 6 Healthy Low-Calorie Beverages

1. Green Tea- (Zero Calories) I drink green tea every day, I love it that much. There are lots of types and brands of green tea, and it somewhat comes down to personal taste. It’s super good for you. Green tea’s reported health benefits come from the catechins (aka antioxidants) found in the tea. These antioxidants do not absorb easily into your body, but new studies are showing that adding lemon juice to the tea prevents them from getting flushed out as quickly. My favorite brand is Yogi Organic, and I love their Super Antioxidant and Pomegranate varieties…I always add bit of lemon juice!

2. Water/Sparkling Water- (Zero Calories) Water is obviously the best low-calorie beverage (with a squeeze of fruit juice, yum!), but sparkling water is a nice change. I buy pomegranate and orange flavors, but recently I invested in a Sodastream system so that I can just make sparkling water at home and add my own organic fruit juices to it.

3. Coconut Water- (Avg. 50 Calories/8 oz.) High in potassium (an electrolyte that aids healthy muscle function) coconut water is sometimes dubbed “nature’s energy drink” or a natural replacement for icky Gatorade. It tastes wonderful and there are lots of brands (Zico, VitaCoco, O.N.E.) that have added fun flavors to keep things interesting. Vitacoco with pineapple tastes wonderfully tropical!

4. Synergy/Organic Raw Kombucha – (Avg. 60 Calories/16 oz. bottle) A cultured probiotic beverage, the initial (somewhat vinegar-y) taste can be a little surprising. I think it’s really good…I’m personally addicted to Guava Goddess, Trilogy, and Strawberry Serenity. Kenny (my husband) LOVES the Gingerade.

5. Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Drink – (Avg. 40 Calories/16 oz. bottle) I absolutely love the Concord Grape-Acai flavor!

6. Zevia – (Zero Calories) A great-tasting soda substitute, I love the root beer and “twist” flavors. Normal diet sodas have those awful fake sweeteners, and these are flavored with Stevia which is a huge improvement!

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