Your New Weight Loss BFFs

I wanted to share with you a list of foods that will REALLY help you lose weight (I know they really helped me) because they are more filling than other foods. Therefore….you won’t be tempted to eat too much because you are full, and for longer!

Here is a list of:

  1. Foods that are high in fiber. They stay in your stomach longer after you eat them…and
  2. High Protein, low-calorie foods. Lean proteins also pack a lot of substance and help keep you from overeating.  Low-calorie is an important factor because some high-protein foods (like red meat) can contain lots of calories and fat.  Fine in moderation, but not your best weight loss ‘friend.’


Apple with skin- 4.4g/ 1 medium

Pear with skin-    5.1g/ 1 medium

Raspberries-       8g/ 1 Cup

Artichoke-            6g/ 1 medium

Broccoli-               3g/ 1 Cup

Peas, cooked-     6g/ 1 Cup

Potato, baked-    4g/ 1 medium

(with skin)

Edamame-           8g/ 1 Cup

(Soy Beans)

Black Beans-        10g/ 1 Cup

Lentils-                  16g/ 1 Cup

Chick Peas-           8g/ 1 Cup

(Garbanzo Beans)

Quinoa-                 24g/ 1 Cup (*)

Oatmeal-               4g/ 1 Cup

(*) If you don’t have much fiber in your diet right now, work your way up to larger amounts and drink water with your fiber.


Low-Fat Greek yogurt               6 oz.               6g protein, 60 calories

Low-fat cottage cheese           1 Cup              28g protein, 163 calories

Light/Low-fat cheese              1 oz.                6g protein, 60 calories

Egg whites                                  2 lg. Eggs       8g protein, 32 calories

Black Beans, whole                   ½ Cup             6g protein, 100 calories

Refried Beans, no lard            ½ Cup             8g protein, 100 calories

Portabella mushrooms         1 Cup sliced   5g protein, 42 calories

Salmon                                        3 oz.                23g protein, 184 calories

Tilapia, whitefish                      3 oz.                18g protein, 81 calories

Note: Nutrition info. varies by brand, so check labels to know what you’re eating

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