That’s How I Roll (Sushi)


Mango Tuna Roll Resize Thats How I Roll (Sushi)

Living in a small town in Colorado has its’ advantages. Sushi availability is not one of them. After one too many encounters with questionable fish (I’m not a fan of gambling with the freshness of my seafood), I decided it was time to take sushi making into my own hands…literally.

     The learning process was not without a few mishaps. It looked like a rice cooker exploded in my kitchen on the first attempt, and I there was definitely a backup food plan for “just in case it doesn’t turn out.” I watched an instructional DVD, which was much like a Sushi 101 class, which was actually very helpful. What I wish my virtual professor would have told me about, however, is the existence of pre-rinsed sushi rice.  I learned of this magical product after I had made sushi a few times, and tried not to think about the moments of my life that were wasted on the mind-numbing task of rice washing.

      Having eaten sushi in different parts of the world really opened my eyes to more creative ingredient combinations. Apple, for instance, is one of my favorite ingredients. It adds an incredible sweet crunchiness, but you do have to be open to the idea of unconventional flavor and texture.  I even use a soft, low-calorie cheese (like Laughing Cow wedges) instead of cream cheese in some rolls because it gives a nice creaminess without being too rich.

    My latest roll combos:

1. (Pictured) Mango Tuna Roll – Inside: spicy tuna and lobster mix*, red bell pepper and mango. Outside: Mango, Ahi tuna, crunch and Sriracha.

2. Spicy Crab Roll – Inside: Spicy crab, roasted red pepper, cucumber. That’s it.

3. Random Roll – Inside: Spicy crab, apple, carrot, red bell pepper. Outside: lightly seared  Ahi tuna with a dot of hot sauce on each piece.

* I make a really easy spicy mixture by combining Sriracha (the red sauce with the rooster on the bottle) and vegan mayo…much healthier than regular mayo, and I think the flavor is better. Then, I mix that combo with chopped seafood or veggies.

       I get the majority of my ingredients at the local Natural Foods store, but most grocery stores carry the basic ingredients you will need. I’ve never found packaged real crab that doesn’t taste “fishy”….let me know if you have. FYI, I went to buy some ginger the other day from the Oriental Foods store and saw Aspartame and Saccharin on the ingredient list, so beware of that!

If you’ve never made sushi before, I recommend giving it a try. It takes a little time, but designing your own ingredient combinations is really fun. If nothing else, you will appreciate the work that goes into the sushi you eat at a restaurant!